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*Be Happy, Do Shukr*

Mawlana Shaykh would say every time, "Bahauddin you have news?"

All the time I would bring good news, Alhamdulilah. I never gave him bad news, Alhamdulilah. Whenever he heard the good news, immediately he would say "Allah ﷻ u Akbar," and we prayed two rakat shukr for good news. Imagine whenever I give him news immediately, "Allah ﷻ u Akbar" and we prayed two rakat shukr.

I also share this good information with you, to be from minority who show shukr. This is not easy to be shakur - don't complain. Everything is possible.

In Turkish, in Ottoman times every house had writing that said, "This too shall pass." Nothing will remain, everything is moving. Move on, move on. Don't get stuck with the problem, with sadness, with depression. Try to go out of depression and try to be happy with your Lord Allah Almighty ﷻ. If you are connected to Allah Almighty ﷻ with happiness, then you will find the link immediately. "O My servant is happy with Me," and then there is a link of happiness coming to your heart immediately.

But if you are not happy with Allah Almighty ﷻ then you will never be happy. You have to ask for it. Allah Almighty ﷻ says, "Ask, then I will reply to you, I can be with you." This is Allah Almighty ﷻ. Don't underestimate Allah Almighty ﷻ. Don't be little minded, or square headed. Allah Almighty ﷻ, you cannot frame Him.

- Shaykh Bahauddin Adil

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